Coco has reached the top of the world (ProTV, 23 feb 2011)

Coco is the pride of Romania (TVR1, 23 feb 2011)

Coco showed us what is Romania! (TVR2, 22 feb 2011)

Coco is expected home (ProTV, 22 feb 2011)

Coco is on top of the world (ProTV, 22 feb 2011)

Coco is back home (ProTv, 22 feb 2011)

Thank you, Coco! (TVR1, 22 feb 2011)

Romanians welcomed Coco at the airport! (Antena 1, 22 feb 2011)

On the top of the world, at 16! (Antena 1, 22 feb 2011)

Coco has conquered the world (Antena 3, 22 feb 2011)

At high altitude at only 16 (Antena 3, 22 feb 2011)

Coco, the first alpinist ever on Mt. Sidley (Antena 3, 2011, Jan 28th, 12:50)

Coco is in the history of alpinism (Realitatea, 2011, Jan 28th, 9:55)

Coco conquers the highest volcano of Antarctica (ProTv, 2011, Jan 28th, 9:40)

At 16, Coco is the the history (Antena 3, 2011, Jan 28th, 9:40)

Coco puts the Romanian flag on the highest peaks (Antena 3, 2011, Jan 28th, 8:35)

Coco is in the history of alpinism (Realitatea, 2011, Jan 28th, 7:53)

A Romanian girl dominates the world (Antena 1, 2011, Jan 28th, 7:30)

Coco and the world record in alpinism (TVR1, 2011, Jan 27th, 20:30)

Coco is on top! (ProTv, 2011, Jan 27th, 20:20)

Coco in the Seven Volcanoes Circuit (Antena 1, 2011, Jan 27th, 19:25)

Coco about the Antarctica expedition (Realitatea, 2011, Jan 27th, 00:50)

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