COCO – the world’s youngest alpinist that climb Mt. Vinson in Antarctica

Mt. Vinson - Antarctica

Mt. Vinson - Antarctica

Crina Coco Popescu finished Tuesday, 4th of January 2011, the ascension of Mt. Vinson – the higher peak of Antarctica, in her most important expedition, ”Antarctica 2010 – 2011”.

Once she was standing on Mt. Vinson’s peak, she became the world’s youngest alpinist that climb Mt. Vinson.

Therefore, the first objective of the expedition was accomplished and Coco has one more peak to climb to complete 7 Summits – the Everest.

It was a long climbing, of almost 12 hours, but it didn’t cause me any big problems, I was expecting a long day till I will get to the top. I moved well and although I was obviously the youngest, the rhythm imposed by Alex, Mario and Max was very good for me. After almost 12 hours since we left, with good weather conditions, but at -30 and -35 degrees and after a descending with some little adventures, I finally got to the warmth of my sleeping bag.” COCO is saying. “Now we are again at the base camp of Union Glacier and I’m waiting for the next climbing, on Sidley. I will send you the photos we made, but with the first plane that comes here, we don’t have any other way” COCO tells.

Crina’s objectives for Antarctica expedition are the ascension of Mt. Sidley and Mt. Vinson – the highest volcano and the highest peak in Antarctica. If the ascension of Sidley succeds, Coco will be the world’s first female alpinist to complete the Seven Volcanoes tour – the highest volcanoes from the seven continents.

And just to know what’s waiting for Crina the following days, here’s how the schedule of the “Antarctica – 2010 – 2011” expedition looks like:

13th of January: close up flight in Mt. Sidley, departure from Patriot Hills camp;
14 th of January – 23th of January: close up march, ski and climbing on Mt. Sidley;
24th of January: coming back to the base camp in Patriot Hills;
25th of January: coming back to Punta Arenas (Chile);
30th of January: departure from Punta Arenas to Santiago de Chile;
1st of February – 18th of February: Climbing on Ojos del Salado (Atacama), acclimatization program for Everest (the climbing is due for spring 2011);
20th of February: departure from Chile;
22nd of February: arrival on Bucharest

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