The Seven Summits

Harta 7 summits

7 summits Map

Seven Summits is a circuit of highest peaks on each continent:

  • Elbrus - Europa
  • Kilimanjaro - Africa
  • Aconcagua - America de Sud
  • McKinley - America de Nord
  • Carstensz Pyramid – Oceania
  • Vinson - Antarctica
  • Everest - Asia

At first, the highest peak in Australia, Kosciuszko, was also taken into account, which is why most climbers aiming for the Seven Summits now climb all eight peaks. Seven Summits is one of the greatest performances that a climber can reach. Performance is dictated by the altitude, the harsh and isolated conditions (for example, McKinley, which is almost on the polar circle or Vinson in Antarctica), but also by the fact that it requires a rigorous training, an excellent resource management and a lot of money.

At this very moment, there are worldwide only 12 women who have climbed the Seven Summits (the extended version) and the youngest is the American Samantha Larson, who finished the tour at the age of 18 years and 10 months. The only Romanian who managed to climb Seven Summits is Ticu Lacatusu.

Coco has the goal of climbing the Seven Summits in the extended version before reaching the age of 18. So far she had climbed six peaks: Mount Elbrus, Kilimanjaro, Aconcagua, Carstensz Pyramid Kosciuszko and McKinley. At the end of 2010 she has planned to climb Vinson in Antarctica. If her dream to climb Seven Summits will succeed, in 2011 she’ll become the youngest woman to complete the tour. Also she’ll be the first Romanian woman to achieve that.

Volcanic Seven Summits

Coco had also set a special goal whose fulfillment is very close: to climb the Volcanic Seven Summits – the highest volcanic peaks from each continent. The 7 volcanoes are:

Volcanic 7 Summits

Volcanic 7 Summits

  • Elbrus - Europa
  • Kilimanjaro - Africa
  • Damavand - Asia
  • Giluwe - Oceania
  • Ojos del Salado – America de Sud
  • Pico de Orizaba – America de Nord
  • Sidley - Antarctica

She already got six of them (Elbrus, Kilimanjaro, Damavand, Giluwe, Ojos del Salado and Pico de Orizaba). At the end of 2010 she wants to go to Antarctica on Sidley, on the most expensive expedition so far, at a cost of 70.000 EUR.

If she succeeds in Volcanic Seven Summits endeavor Coco will be the first climber to ever successfully climb the volcanoes on every continent.

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