Coming, North America!

This week we’ve got a sponsorship from Air France. I feel closer to North America. On May 15 we’ll go to Mexico: me, Dad, Dana and Radu. From Mexico City we’ll go directly to Tlachichuca and dad will prepare the ascent on Pico de Orizaba. Dana & Radu will go for two days on La Malinche, another volcano near Puebla to acclimate. Radu usually is acclimatising slower and La Malinche is also a good opportunity to see how Dana reacts over 4000m. On 18th of May we meet again and go up to Piedra Grande, refuge and base camp on Orizaba. We’ll prepare the high camp at 5000m and around May 23 to 25 we want to climb the peak. If I’ll make it it will be the sixth of the Volcanic Seven Summits for me.

After we descend from Orizaba, Radu and Dana will go a few days in the Yucatan and then home, back to work ;) . Me and my dad we’ll go for Izta - the second Mexican and North America volcano in order to maintain acclimatization. On June 5 we’ll fly to Anchorage , Alaska. From there to Talkeetna, a little town where we’ll meet with the rangers at Denali National Park & take a plane to the glacier. Between 9 and June 30th we will climb Mount McKinley – the highest peak of North America. If we have good weather during he climb, Denali will be the fifth from Seven Summits for me.
On July 8th we’ll fly back home but until then I hope we get the chance to travel through the States; after so many glaciers I must see some mustangs : D

Next week I’ll write again, now I must focus on training and school, the national test are approaching.

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